Our Vision: Work together to preserve our natural resources.

MondoMio (directly translated to “My World”) is a platform for individuals interested in minimizing climate change and preserving our natural resources for future generations.

Do you want to save the world together with us? Alone we can do little, many of us can change a lot. Join us and let’s do something NOW. Become a member of MondoMio — We can work together to make big changes.

Join the MondoMio community to learn more about environmental threats and how small actions we make in our everyday lives can help preserve our world for the future. As members of this FREE community, you are welcome to also share your own personal stories of success, recipes, outdoor adventures and do-it-yourself tips that others could implement in their journey toward sustainability.

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Since I joined MondoMio I made a lot of small steps, but also some big ones: My husband and I sold one of our two cars. I also try to avoid plastic packed groceries as much as possible.

Anne-Christin Amlinger, Germany

In the beginning I struggled to break my comfortable habits, but MondoMio encouraged me again and again and showed me that small steps are important! In the meantime I buy fruit and vegetables from the region every Friday morning at the market, of course plastic-free! And the best thing is: The new grocery shopping has become a joint bike ride with my boyfriend, which we are looking forward to!

Marion Schlech, Germany

My husband and I have always been big travelers, but the pandemic forced us to stay home. MondoMio taught me that there are so many beautiful sights to see in my local area. Not only have we reduced our carbon footprint, but we’ve scratched our travel itch and explored so much of the beautiful nature around us.

Corinne Zudony, US

We have always been big restaurant supporters, and love to try new places and types of food. Since COVID, we have been been trying different recipes at home. MondoMio has been a great resource for delicious and healthy recipes, tips on more sustainable ways to source food, and how to minimize our waste. Keep it up!

John MacPherson, Canada

Because of Covid, I spend more time at home. I’ve always enjoyed making homemade things and on MondoMio I found out lots of interesting DIY recipes and tips. I already tried homemade handcream and rosemary oil – zero waste, no plastic and healthier life for me.

Anna Zavadilová, Czech Republic

Mondomio made me realize how easy it is to make a contribution to our environment – every day. I pay attention e.g. to reduce plastic and packaging and use sustainable alternatives. I also use the car less and my bike more often.

Miriam Drechsel, Germany
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