Going sustainable is a big goal and we know how scary a big change can be, but we have some good news for you. Making a big change can start with little steps. You can make a small step toward going sustainable every day and before you even know it, you will be greener than a cucumber. We have gathered some basic, easy tips you can use as inspiration and we are sure you can start with one of them right now.

  1. Put on a sweater! You can significantly reduce your consumption of energy if you don’t turn the heater on just yet, or set your thermostat a few degrees lower. Warm socks and a sweater go a long way in this case.
  2. Don’t forget to turn off the light! Honestly how many times have you left the light on even though you didn’t need it or were not even in the room at all?
  3. Take shorter showers! We know how good a nice long shower feels, but is it really needed? You can always cut a few minutes of your shower to save water and energy.
  4. Just take the stairs! The benefit of this one is doubled, because not only do you save the energy to run the elevator, but you will also get a nice workout.
  5. Bike to work! Or even better, bike to work on a shared or second-hand bicycle. And guess what? It’s another free workout for you. Find out more about Bike to Work Week!
  6. Always carry a reusable bag for your groceries! Not only are they much cuter than the plastic options, but you will also save yourself from creating unnecessary waste each time.
  7. Don’t wash the clothes just yet! Before you throw the laundry into the washing machine make sure it really needs to be washed.
  8. Buy second-hand! It takes a little bit of practice, but once you get into it, you can find great pieces for your wardrobe in thrift shops. Not only do you save the environment from yet another piece of unnecessary waste, but you might also save a lot of money.
  9. Get a pressure cooker! Depending on your cooking style, you can save loads of energy by using a pressure cooker. In some cases, you also can save hours of cooking time for just one dish.
  10. Turn off the water! Do you leave the water running when brushing your teeth or washing your face? By leaving it running, you waste a large amount of water every year. Find more tips here.

These are just a few basic changes you can make right now, or add one each week, whatever suits you best. Keep in mind it’s the end goal that matters and every step toward a more sustainable lifestyle counts. Maybe as you are reading it you realize you are already doing some of those. If so, congrats! You are on the right track toward sustainable living.

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