We are an international team of individuals working for different subsidiaries of one big media company. In a brainstorming session, we came to the conclusion that some of the biggest challenges we face are climate change and the destruction of our world.

But these are big problems. Even if someone wants to contribute to a better world, what is the best way? For example, is it more sustainable to drive an electric car or a diesel? Is it better to avoid plastic or to support companies that use reuse plastic collected from beaches?

Overall, we believe in the power of people and we believe that most of us WANT to help rescue the world. So we launched MondoMio (Italian for “My World”).

As publishers, our most important mission is to inform people. We will research and report on global threats, but we’ll also share suggestions for small steps individuals can make to reduce their footprint. Look for gardening tips that will improve the environment well beyond your back yard or your dining table. Learn the value of how trimming meat out of your diet for even one day can improve your health and reduce environmental gasses. Find value to exploring your local community and a new love of do-it-yourself projects.

The MondoMio team is excited to take a step toward sustainability, but what drives us toward the goal is knowing that we aren’t alone. MondoMio is a community of like-minded individuals all working toward the same goal, and each member is encouraged to share their best practices.

We created MondoMio as a platform for individuals across the globe who are interested in protecting the planet and would like to share their ideas, experiences and also their knowledge. In addition to our reporting, we encourage users to create a profile and add their own recommendations for living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Together we have the power to speed things up, to fight plastic and poverty and stop wasting our natural resources. We hope you’ll join us!

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