A cheap DIY alternative to bought household cleaners is this easy recipe. It works great in your kitchen and bathroom against calcium but shouldn’t be used on marble or limestone because it could hurt those surfaces and silicone joints don’t like vinegar either.

What you need:

  • White vinegar or vinegar essence
  • Orange peels and or peels from other citrus fruits

Put the orange peels in a jar and pour the vinegar over them. The orange peels should be covered completely so they won’t spoil. If you use essence dilute it according to instructions (usually essence to water in a 1:5 ratio).
Let sit for about 3 weeks. The fluid should be yellowish by this time. Pour it through a strainer. It is ready to use for persistent calcium stains or can be diluted 1:1 with water.

Here are some variations:

  • Dilute it with the same amount of water and add some drops of dishwashing liquid to clean your floors (not to be used on natural stone floors).
  • Add some drops of aroma oil (like citrus or lavender) to get a nice smell when cleaning
  • Diluted with the same amount of water (1:1) add 2 tablespoons of soda and you have a toilet cleaner

I always prepare several versions at the same time and pour them into my old cleaning agent bottles.

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