Looking for a beautiful do-it-yourself gift idea? You can easily convert scrap wood into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Using a soldering iron and a scrap of wood, you can quickly and easily create original gifts. These are not expensive and the recipient will be thrilled with a customized piece.

Start with either recovered scrap wood, or you can purchase a piece of pine wood — most people prefer wood to plastic because it is more environmentally friendly. Recovered scrap wood tends to have a lot of texture and character, and pine boards are easy to work with and come from fast-growing pine trees. Boards made from beech or olive wood are also popular.

Keep in mind that you can use such a board for decades — wood is more sustainable than plastic simply because of its durability. Plastic boards can contain softeners that are hazardous to health, and even the smallest amounts of these can get into the human body every day. There are many good reasons to use wood boards for these projects.

Once you’ve selected your wood, all you need is a soldering iron and an idea of what you want to create.

– Start by cutting the wood to size. Sawing out the wooden board by yourself might take some work. To skip this step, you can also easily order the planks on the Internet or purchase them from a store that will cut the boards for you.

– Choose any motif you want and draw it on the wood with a pencil first. You can also transfer patterns with carbon paper onto the wood.

– Let the soldering iron preheat a little and then simply start to follow the pre-drawn lines slowly with the tip of the soldering iron. You will be surprised how easy it is to engrave the wood by hand. The soldering iron burns lines and patterns into the wood, which then remain visible as dark lines.

Sealing The Wood

Normally, these wooden boards are not treated unless they are displayed outside. However, if you are planning to use the wood as a breakfast board or serving tray, you can seal the wood surface with untreated olive oil to make the board a little more durable. Simply coat the board with olive oil and wait until the oil has been completely absorbed. Excess oil can be rubbed off with some kitchen paper. The board should now dry for at least a week before it is given away.

If you’re intending that this be used as a wall hanging to display in a home, you do not need to treat the wood. Some people like a light shine, which can be easily achieved by applying a natural wood stain.

For signs that are intended to hang outside, waterproofing is recommended. Apply a clear sealer and let it dry before giving this as a gift.

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