Are you looking for a suitable gift for your loved ones? Try these easy, do it yourself (DIY) seed bombs. They are small, but can have a great effect on people and the planet.  

Seed bombs are soil-clay balls filled with seeds that can be easily thrown into nature where you want to create more green space. Creating them can be quick and easy. All you need to create seed bombs are seeds, earth, clay powder and water.  

This is how you make your own seed bombs 

You need: 

– Seeds – 1- 2 Tablespoons 

– Peat-free soil – 5 Tablespoons 

– Clay powder or healing earth – 5 Tablespoons 

– A little water 

  1. Seed selection

For a special variety, mix different types of seeds together. Choose non-toxic options that are native, robust plants and are indigenous to the area. These will have the best chance for successful growth and survival and will not disturb the biosphere. Lavender, cornflower or marigold are suitable, for example. However, herbal or vegetable seeds can also be packed into the soil balls.  

2. Mix dry ingredients 

Mix all the dry ingredients (seeds, soil and clay powder) in a bowl. 

3. Water 

Pour a little water into the still dry mix — enough for the mixture to bind, but not too much so that it does not harden. If you have moistened the dry mix with too much water, add a little more of the dry ingredients. 

4. Form small balls

Using the moistened mix, form walnut-sized balls. Do not form them too large, as this could cause problems with germination. The seed bombs are ready when they are soft, smooth and round. 

5. Drying 

Once formed, place the balls in a cool and dry place for two to three days. Choose a place that is not too shady and not too sunny. Avoid additional heat from a hair dryer or oven.  

Once dry, the seed bombs are ready and be planted, stored or given away as gifts. The seed bombs will keep for a few months if stored in a cool and well-ventilated place. 

Useful hints for successful planting 

  • Go out and throw or roll your Seed Bombs wherever you want. To avoid trouble, please do not throw them in other people’s gardens, parks or botanical gardens.  
  • Do not burry the balls in the Earth — they will not grow. Everything they need for successful growth is already included in the ball, so it is as simple as it sounds. Simply throw or roll the balls into the space you’d like to see more growth. 
  • Calculate about 10 Seed Bombs per square meter (10.7 square feet) for visible success. 
  • You can walk past your self-green area from time to time, water them (as long as it hasn’t rained) and watch the growth progress.  
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