A community is a social group of people who share a common interest. They work toward a common goal. They collaborate, share ideas, resources and they band together to accomplish a mission.  

The MondoMio community is succeeding in all of the above. After only six weeks, we are more than 80 members strong and growing by the day. Together, this community can make a difference. We can drive sustainability forward and create change that will help preserve our world for future generations. And we can accomplish this as a team.  

Next Milestone: 200 members

In addition to the vegan recipes, do-it-yourself projects and countless other articles posted on the site, members who sign up with MondoMio will soon be able to participate in sustainable challenges, virtual meetings and networking events, and education from experts on living a more sustainable lifestyle.  We will start the next step when we hit 200!

Become part of the MondoMio community and become part of something bigger. Sign up as a member and you can take part in all these events.  

Help us grow this community by encouraging your friends and family to sign up, too. The more we grow, the bigger impact we can make on the world around us.  

Join us at MondoMio. It’s our life, our community, our world. 

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