For Mother’s Day or any other occasion, this lavender-filled heart makes a nice personal gift that keeps unwanted visitors out of your clothes and closets — and it makes your clothes smell nice. Add a loop so you cannot only lay it in a drawer but put it on a hanger, as well.

What you need:

  • fabric scraps
  • dried lavender
  • a small strap of fabric or ribbon as a hanger
  • scissors
  • a sewing machine or needle and thread
ingredients for lavender heart
Ingredients for a lavender heart

Download a heart-shaped PDF and print it out or draw your own shape. Transfer the shape with a soft pencil to the wrong/back side of your fabric. Put two layers of fabric on top of each other and cut out the shape, adding 1/2 an inch as seam allowance.

Cut off 7 inches (18 cm) of your ribbon. Put it between the two layers of fabric (right/front sides together — so the heart is inside-out).

Fix the three layers on top with a pin and put another pin on the other end. If you position your pins perpendicular to the seam, you can sew right over them without removing them on the go. This way, it is less likely that something slips while sewing.

Using a sewing machine or sew by hand through all layers, but make sure to leave a slit for turning.

Cut away excess seam allowance, but leave enough fabric to turn under at the opening. Make sure to cut the tip of the heart.

Turn the heart. Use the back side of a pen to push the seams outward and bring out the heart shape. Use an iron, fold under the seam allowance at the opening and iron in place.

Now it’s time to fill the heart with lavender. Don’t stuff it, filling it half way is enough.

It looks nicer if you shut the opening by hand. Lazy girls like me use the sewing machine to do so ;-).

Done. A set of 3 to 5 hearts make a wonderful gift. After awhile, the smell might diminish. You can always revive the lavender by squeezing and rubbing the heart a bit.

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