Colored eggs for easter are fun and look pretty on your easter breakfast table. It’s even more fun to color them yourself with natural plant dyes. That way you can choose eggs from free-range hens from the farmer you trust. And you can choose environmentally friendly colors. These are also edible, so it doesn’t matter if one of the eggs crack a little and the color seeps in the egg white. You might have most of the coloring food in your kitchen already:

  • Coffee for a brown color
  • Turmeric for yellow
  • Onion skin for yellowish-brown or reddish-brown (depending on the color of the onions)
  • Red beet for red
  • Spinach for green
  • Carrots for orange

Dyeing eggs naturally

In some cases, especially when the color is not so strong like with the carrots, it is wise to prepare a coloring fluid first. Grate the carrots, peel your onions (or collect onion skin for a while) or use some spinach and cook them in a pot of water for about 10 to 30 minutes or until the water has a strong color. This colored water is then used to boil the eggs in. Clean your eggs first from any dirt so that you have a nice result.

In other cases, like with the turmeric or leftover coffee grounds, you could do the same or you could also put these directly into the water that you boil the eggs in. Just be aware that the tiny pieces of coffee or turmeric could result in a less smooth color. In both cases add a little white vinegar to support the coloring process.

To let your eggs shine, rub a little coconut oil in your hands and gently apply it on the colored eggs.

Some examples

A turmeric dyed easter egg.
Dyed in one step with 2 teaspoons turmeric directly in the egg water (about one quart).

Red from red beets.
This egg was boiled in colored water from red beets.

Coffee colored easter egg

A one step coffee ground colored egg. Yes, I know, you can buy eggs that are brown to begin with (and this is one of them). But with coffee I made the brown much darker and more saturated.

Another idea especially for children: Use crayons to draw little pictures on the boiled eggs. Draw a landscape with flowers and a bunny or a bunny face on a brown egg, little chicks or just colorful curves and elements.

We did that every easter when I was a child. It was almost a competition who did the most beautiful or the funniest egg.

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