“Once there, all done.” That used to be my shopping motto. I would buy everything the family needs for the week in one visit to the supermarket. I wanted to get the annoying task of shopping done as quickly as possible! 

Then, as I began to realize how important it is to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging, I felt frustrated because I realized, that motto is not going to work anymore. Now I have to search the shelves and look very carefully at what I want to purchase. Shopping this way can be exhausting and it definitely takes longer. So I decided to take it one step at a time and replace just one product on my shopping list with an option that had plastic-free packaging every week.   

One Step At A Time  

I decided to start with my favorite jam, which comes in a single-use plastic jar with a plastic cap. So my search began by looking at the shelves that housed apricot jam in search of one featuring a screw-on lid. Does it also look delicious? How much does it cost? And so on.  

When you start looking more closely at the product you’re buying, you start to notice added benefits. I didn’t just look at the packaging. For the first time, I read through the manufacturer’s information and the ingredients. This wasn’t something I really cared about in the past. All I cared about was that shopping had to be done quickly.  

In the case of my jam, what I found was very interesting: 100g of jam often contain only 30 percent fruit, the rest is sugar! I suddenly found this fact horrifying. So, in my search for a jam in a jar, I discovered a super tasty fruit topping with at least 70 percent fruit content. And by the way, I also discovered a new flavor: a plum jam that even uses 200g of plums to make 100g of jam. 

I was really proud of my jam discoveries. And the next morning, I noticed that I ate my jam toast much more consciously and slowly, bite by bite. Not only does it taste fresher and fruitier because of the high fruit content, but it actually looks much more appetizing in the jar. And another point: I eat with a good feeling as I have avoided plastic. 

Does conscious shopping also lead to more conscious eating?  Read more about this topic here

Wow, so many great side effects, just because I had taken a little extra time once while shopping to find a plastic-free jam! I really wanted to do that again. Which plastic-wrapped food item on my weekly grocery list would get the boot next week?   

My tip: Replace one item on your weekly list with a plastic-free option. 

What are your experiences? With which item did you start?  

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