Don’t throw away the inner tubes of your toilet paper. Collect them, they are a great help for preraising plants.
In early spring you can start growing plants in your greenhouse or on the windowsill. Toilet paper tubes can help keeping the plants separate. Later on it will be much easier to plant them in the patch. They are protected by the tube and you can take them apart without any hassle.
This is how you do it:
Sort the tubes vertically in a container, fill them with soil and put a seed or a seedling in each tube. Let them grow for a while on your windowsill, in your greenhouse or in a sheltered corner in your garden. Once they are big enough to be planted directly in the patch, take each tube and put it in a little hole in your patch. Don’t bother about removing the tube. It will disappear on it’s own.
Toilet paper tubes are great for kids crafts too. Crazy Laura has some tips for you, if you are into that:

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