Saving water; there are a lot of ways to do it. You can take shorter showers, install a different shower head or use a more economical washing machine. But saving water can be even easier when using the tap in your kitchen. To implement these easy tips, all you need is a larger measuring cup or bowl. That’s where you’ll be collecting water. How? Read on.

In most households, it takes a while for the water from your kitchen tap to heat up. Often, you let the faucet run until the hot water comes. Until then, the water flows away. If you collect this water, you can use it to fill your coffee machine or your tea kettle. You can also easily fill a small watering can with which you can water your plants in and around the house. 

Leftover water 

It’s common to find nearly empty glasses and cups with just a layer of water left in them after a hot day. Do you recognize that? You often throw this water away carelessly. Don’t do it! You can also pour this water into your own measuring cup or directly into your watering can for the outdoor plants. 

Just as easily, you save water when you wait until the tap water is cold enough to drink a glass of cold, fresh water. That, too, usually goes right down the drain. Fill up your household appliances that need water or fill up that watering can. Anyway, it is recommended to fill a glass bottle with water and put it in the refrigerator. Then you will have a glass of cold water any time of the day, without having to use the tap for it each time. 

These are some easy tips. Who has more? Share them here and together we will save a lot of water. 

* In countries where tap water is not recommended for drinking, not all of the above tips apply. Be sure to use healthy water for coffee, tea and filling your glass.  

Photo: Alex Anlicker / Wikimedia Commons


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