Small Steps

Together, small steps will save our planet.

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Commitment And Small Steps Lead To Change 

At MondoMio, we believe you must walk before you can run. Literally, you have to take one step at a time. Maybe want to be more sustainable, support local, reduce your ecological footprint, improve your health, or set a good example for future generations. That list can be overwhelming, so break it up and take one step at a time.    

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You want to improve your health, but a vegan lifestyle is a big jump? Start by cutting meat out of your meal once a week and go from there.

You want to reduce the plastics littering your community? Start by bringing reusable cloth bags to the grocery store to cut back on what plastic you’ll use. Or schedule an hour each week to pick up litter in a different area of your community.

Want to start a garden, but you don’t have much space? Many vegetables grow great in pots that can also beautify a patio or porch. Supplement that with a weekly trip to your local farmer’s market to get fresh ingredients while also supporting the local farmers.

These are just a few small steps that can set you on the right track to reaching your goal.

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