Many of us would like to do more to create a healthy planet and help fight climate change. But when we think about it, the task can seem overwhelming. We don’t know where to start and often question whether one person can make a difference.  

In reality, every little bit helps and it’s not overwhelming if you start small. If we all make little changes in our life, together, we can do a lot for the planet — and it is healthier for you, too. 

To help get started, we’ve compiled a few tips. These range from easy-to-implement, to advanced, to expert options. Look at this as a game. You don’t have to implement every tip, do it all at once or commit to a lifetime of change. The point is, every little bit helps and it can be fun to try something new, like making your own make-up removal pads or testing out a vegan recipe. 


  • Don’t use plastic bags for your groceries. Don’t’ even use paper. Bring your own reusable bags. 
  • Replace plastic wrap with beeswax cloth. You can buy this reusable cloth or easily make your own.
  • Buy milk, yoghurt, beer, juice in returnable bottles, whenever possible. 
  • Support your local stores and farmers by selecting locally sourced foods. 
  • Buy less. Sometimes less is more and if your fridge isn’t overfilled, you will end up throwing away less. Same counts for your closet.  
  • Give away what you don’t need. Maybe you have a social store or donation center close by that you can support with the items you don’t need anymore, but can be used by someone else. 

Minimalism is a new trend. People are trying to have a leaner life and a much smaller footprint. They claim it is even more fulfilling, because the less you have (and have to take care of), the more time you have for important matters like family and friends.  

You don’t have to take it that far, but it helps if you think twice before you buy something. 

  • Walk more or take a bike. For short distances, leave the car in the garage. 
  • Eat more veggies and less meat. We don’t want to turn you into a full-time vegan but every vegan meal you prepare helps the environment AND your health. That’s why we support you with a bunch of vegan recipes. Why vegan? Read here -> 


  • Make your own beauty products
  • Make your own cleaning products
  • Explore the area around you (and support the local economy) instead of driving or flying far away for vacation. 
  • Cook vegan three to five times a week. You like meat? Having it only twice a week gives you enough money to afford high-quality meat that was raised ecologically, humanely and locally. 
  • Fix your clothes and upcycle instead of buying new clothes. Fabric production uses a lot of water and energy and contributes to pollution in the environment. 
  • If you do buy new clothes, go for ecological and social labels. Yes, they are more expensive, but if you combine it with buying less and use them longer, it works out. 
  • Instead of waiting for the one big vacation of the year, fill your life with little adventures. Maybe you don’t need to fly off to the Caribbean because you planned lots of little nice trips in your daily life. Here are some tips for daily adventures:  

Daily adventures 

  • Put your hiking shoes in your car and don’t go home after work. For an hour, set out to explore the next river, forest or hill with a view. 
  • Instead of dinner at home, quickly prepare a picnic and bike or walk to a park or quiet place to enjoy your dinner outdoors. 
  • Find a farmer that offers “pick your own vegetables.” That could also be fun and exciting for children. 
  • Are you brave? Talk to someone you never talked to before. That could be your colleague, a person in the bus or train or someone in this community.  
  • Learn or do something new like a new language or craft.


  • Try a vacation where you start from home with a backpack or bike — no car, just walking, riding your bike or public transportation.  
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