Every year, my wife and I plan a family trip with our two boys. We aim for a balanced experience, mixing city life with nature. In 2014, we set out to explore the Oregon Coast.

We decided to skip the traditional hotels and try a more unique and environmental approach. For two nights, we rented a treehouse bed and breakfast in the small town of Takilma. Yes, you read that right — a treehouse. More than 35 feet off the ground, resting in the boughs of a 150-year-old Cedar tree was a home large enough for the four of us, with beds, a table, fridge and even a toilet. 

During the day we visited nearby caves and also just relaxed on the property — swaying in hammocks, playing board games and showering outside. The quiet, tranquil nights were filled only with the sounds of the forest. We’d wake up cozy in our flannel sheets overlooking the natural environment around us. Once back on the ground, we’d feast on a provided homemade breakfast made with local ingredients.

The Lilly Pad “retreat” was easily our favorite place to stay and we hope to return one day. If you want to relax in nature, but don’t like the hassles of camping — or don’t have the equipment — this is a great, if not superior, alternative.

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