Many think that a barbecue is inevitably associated with meat and miss out on the countless delicious vegetable barbecue dishes. Apart from the fact that charred meat is not particularly good for your health, vegetables, mushrooms and co. open totally new possibilities to enrich a barbecue party. This way you can not only make your vegetarian guests happy, but also contribute to a more varied and sustainable diet for your “meat friends” 😉. 

But which vegetables are actually good on the grill? Here are a few suggestions: 


There are now countless vegan burger patties to buy. There is nothing wrong with these, but it is also quite easy to make vegan burgers yourself. Here is a recipe for green spelt patties. It’s best to pre-fry them in a pan so they hold together well before putting them on the grill.  

Another great alternative to traditional patties are portobello mushrooms. The heads of the mushrooms are large enough, are great to prepare on the grill and taste just as good as a burger topping as they do as a side dish with vegetables or salads. 


Almost everyone is familiar with grilled corn on the cob. Eggplants and zucchini can be grilled just as well. You can cut them in half, rub them with olive oil, season them and grill the halves. It’s great to combine these colorful vegetables on skewers for shish kebabs. Adding red, yellow and green pepper bells, onions, mushrooms, tofu or seitan are also perfect. 

Grilled asparagus is also very tasty. For many smaller pieces of vegetables, it is recommended to use a grill tray. That way, nothing can fall into the embers. 


Potatoes or sweet potatoes can be placed on the grill directly, but it is better to pre-cook them so that they do not take as long to cook. You can also make baked potatoes by placing them directly into the embers. 


For me, the best part of a barbecue is always the rich salad selection. For vegans or vegetarians, it’s especially great if you go for some protein-rich salads here, too. For example, lentil salad or a salad made from kidney beans are great additions. Potato salad is also a must at a barbecue, of course. 


Dessert can also come from the grill: Grilled banana or pineapple. Fruit filled with nut puree, chocolate or marzipan will always go over well. Or, you can try vegan s’mores, like in this recipe: 

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