Have you noticed that there is a day for almost anything nowadays? Well, this one has been around for 51 years and is one of the most significant.

Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd of April, and every year this day is used to create awareness of environmental topics around the world. It is celebrated across the globe by over 1 billion people in 193 countries.

Earth Day was first introduced in 1970. It started in the U.S. as a grassroots movement, but was quick to gain traction. By 1990, it was a global day of awareness. (Click here for a full history of Earth Day.)

Last year, which marked the 50th anniversary, was a little different thanks to COVID-19. However, Earth Day 2020 still made history.

Due to the world pandemic, marches and mass events couldn’t be held. However digitally, hundreds of millions of voices were gathered online, resulting in over 100 million people taking actions in 193 countries around the world. The event is referred to as the largest online mobilization in history.

What is the goal of Earth Day?

This day is reserved to bring awareness and action on topics like more balanced sustainable approaches in farming, forestry, fisheries, urban planning, or corporate social responsibility. It seeks to bring climate action, promotes science and education, puts focus on conservation and restoration, and aims to deal with plastic and pollution.

How can you celebrate this year’s Earth Day at home?

  • Plant a tree, or maybe a small herb garden at your home.
  • Go for a walk in nature. Look around and learn about the local plants and animals. You can teach your kids, your dog (we all know they understand), a friend, or just yourself.
  • Refresh your knowledge on recycling. You might think you do it all correctly, but who knows, there might be something you are missing out on. Here you can find some tips what should and shouldn’t be recycled. And how about a little challenge, go a whole week of fully zero-waste.
  • Watch a documentary about the environment or read an article or book. Education is the key when it comes to saving the Earth for future generations.
  • Repurpose something you were going to throw away. There are thousands of DIY tips on this topic, and you might be surprised how many of the things you want to throw away can become something useful and beautiful with a little bit of elbow grease and a good idea. Explore more DIY tips on MondoMio.
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